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Ever since my childhood, I had a genuine love for bicycles.  I rode bicycles in my youth, teenage years, and up until my early twenties when turn of events separated me from my hobby. In early 1998 I leased the current location of San Diego Bike Shop to start a pedicab business; where by appearance, a rudimentary bicycle repair shop attracted bicyclists passing by to make requests for repairs and parts.

Encouraged by promising location, and the growing demand, I established San Diego Bike Shop in April of that year which also reconnected me with the long lost love of bicycling.

In the past 18 years San Diego Bike Shop has become a successful neighborhood shop and a well-known name in the bicycle industry. San Diego Bike Shop owes its success in the quality of services, and variety of products it offers.

A Little About Clifford Groleau


Cliff; in his mid-twenties, started riding bicycles in his early teen years and yet after two kids him and his bike are inseparable. He rides a flashy single speed to and from work and every other chance he gets. He has been working at this shop for few years now. He was hired after a brief training in a nearby shop and now he has earned hands-on degree from San Diego Bike Shop University. He is a knowledgeable, trustworthy and dedicated employee of San Diego Bike Shop.

And Marleau Moran


Throughout years we have had many young bike enthusiasts working for San Diego Bike Shop. Marleau is hard worker, quick learner,  and problem solver individual that is helping us in the repair shop.

David Nusham


Another pleasant bike lover who helps us in the repair shop.