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About San Diego Bike Shop

From left to right: Reina, Paul, Robert, Minh and Mo

San Diego Bike Shop History

My name is Mo and I am the owner and founder of San Diego Bike Shop.  Ever since my childhood,  I've had a genuine love for bicycles. I rode bicycles in my youth, teenage years, and up until my early twenties when a turn of events separated me from my hobby. In early 1998, I leased the current location of San Diego Bike Shop to start a pedicab business. The activity at this location attracted bicyclists passing by, who began to make requests for repairs and parts.

Encouraged by demand, I established San Diego Bike Shop in April of 1999, and once again I was reconnected with my long lost love of bicycling.

Over the past 24 years, San Diego Bike Shop has become a successful neighborhood shop and a well known name in the bicycle industry. San Diego Bike Shop owes its success in the quality of services, and variety of products it offers.

San Diego Bike Shop Staff

  • Mo Karimi Owner/Manager
  • Cliff has a very long history with San Diego Bike Shop and he is truly an experienced professional and a real asset to the company.
  • Minh rose to the rank of management quickly by showing an extraordinary ability to learn all aspects of the business.
  • Paul excels in sales and service management and is an excellent resource for visiting cyclists.
  • Sima my better half, helps the business with book keeping, supplies. and some oversight.
  • Lucas the youngest team member who moved up from high school internship to a part time bicycle technician.

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